December 6th, 2011

Q&A on Academic Challenge Policy and Related Topics


A new FAQ from Cambridge Public Schools‘ Superintendent Jeff Young was published yesterday. The FAQ is one of several answering questions about the Innovation Agenda currently being implemented in Cambridge’s middle Schools.  This latest FAQ includes sections answering some questions about middle school math, Academic Challenge, the Intensive Studies Program, and advanced learners.  The link is here:

There are several paragraphs about these issues, including this one:

Decisions about the ISP will be part of a more global policy on Academic Challenge. We are committed to challenging and supporting all Cambridge students, including those who struggle in certain subject areas as well as those who are learning at an accelerated pace. The School Department and School Committee are working hard to develop that policy as well as a plan for implementing it. The implementation plan might include elements such as the embedded honors option we currently use at CRLS. The option of grandfathering ISP will be addressed in the policy as well.

Questions answered in the FAQ came from members of the CPS community.  To submit a question, send it to

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