December 14th, 2011

Students on US Military Bases Do Well


Why do students on military bases do better than those at regular public schools in the US?  Why is the achievement gap between African-American and white students narrower on military bases?

Photo by Don Bryan from the Camp Lejeune Globe, North Carolina

– at least one parent in the family has a job
– all families have health care coverage
– all families have adequate housing
– parents are granted time off from work to participate at their kids’ schools
– smaller classrooms
– no emphasis on test preparation
– standardized tests used only to assess a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses
– have a gifted education program
– good relations between teachers’ union and management
– individual schools have flexibility to tailor programs & curriculum
– less racism among military colleagues

From Military Children Stay a Step Ahead of Public School Students in the NYTimes, Dec 11, 2011

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