January 17th, 2012

Cambridge Public Schools’ New Academic Challenge Plan

This evening Cambridge Public Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey Young will present the district’s new plan, Academic Challenge: The Foundation of Academic Excellence and Social Justice, which lays out how academic challenge for all students will be addressed in the middle grades under the Innovation AgendaThe complete plan is here, and appendices are here. This is an excerpt from page 4:

The Four Components of the Academic Challenge Plan

In the Upper School Program, academic challenge and support are not opposite ends of the achievement spectrum; they are two sides of the same coin for every student. Challenge opportunities start with where students are today and provide students with the support, guidance, and encouragement they need to push forward—to the next level of achievement, a
higher level of motivation, a new set of study skills, and so forth.

All students will have access to the following four challenge components in the upper school Academic Program:

  • Rigorous Curriculum and Instruction
    • Elevating the academic experience for all students
  • The Sixth Grade Transitional Year
    • Closing achievement gaps for entering students, providing individual challenge, and preparing all students for the rigors of Grade 7
  • The Scholars Challenge
    • Developing habits of challenge, perseverance, and self efficacy of our Upper School Scholars
  • The Math Academic Honors Option Grades 7-­‐8
    • Providing advanced math and honors opportunities to all students, and strengthening the grades 6-­‐12 pathway for students in math

The complete plan is here, and appendices are here.

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