January 22nd, 2012

Oklahoma Schools Look Forward to NCLB Waiver

The Oklahoman featured this article by Megan Rolland earlier this week: “Oklahoma Seeks Waiver of Federal Education Reforms

Here’s an excerpt:

[State schools Superintendent  Janet Barresi said] “They are now going to be able to focus on each individual child, children that are struggling up to gifted and talented children, because the focus will now be on growth of every student.”

If the waiver is approved by the U.S. Education Department, Oklahoma schools would no longer receive Academic Performance Index scores that rate school performance on a scale from zero to 1,500 points. That score is based almost entirely on student performance on standardized tests.

Instead, Oklahoma schools would be judged on a new scale using an A-F letter grade. It will base the score in part on the same tests as the old system, but Barresi said it takes into account student improvement on the exams, rather than raw test scores.

The complete article is here.

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