February 3rd, 2012

ISP Students Continue to Voice Concerns to Cambridge SC

James Robinson ran this article in the Cambridge Chronicle today: “Cambridge students block plan to end advanced study program”.  Here’s an excerpt:

The ISP course is an advanced learning curriculum that has been available to Cambridge middle school students for over five decades through the Peabody and Kennedy-Longfellow schools. It now faces the axe as part of a plan by the Cambridge School Committee to more effectively integrate its middle school system.

“People just want to have the chance to learn to their ability,” said student Mariamawit “Mary” Gashaw, who has been organizing other students in protest, gaining permission to stage rallies and visiting local schools.

The ISP program had helped her own learning a lot, Gashaw said, and she worried about that opportunity being lost for future students.

“The School Committee are listening to us, but they’re not being as involved as we want them to be,” she said.

Gashaw remained hopeful of sparing the program, and said that the group had readied a video they hoped to show the committee ahead of next week’s vote.

The complete article is here. And a description of the ISP program is here.

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