February 18th, 2012

Reactions to CPS’s New Academic Challenge Policy

Two letters to the Cambridge Chronicle published today express deep concern over the Cambridge Public School’s recently voted in Academic Challenge Policy:

“Nolan Explains Her Vote”, by School Committee Member Patty Nolan

An excerpt reads:

“Differentiation is extremely difficult to do. Cambridge has tried for  20-plus years. Our results? Uneven achievement, pockets of excellence here and  there, profoundly imbalanced schools and many families opting out. In fact, the  failure of the district overall to provide excellent instruction using  heterogeneous classes (apart from the completely unsupported ISP) was the main  reason to restructure the district, with the Innovation Agenda.” Read more here.

“ISP Decision Not Fair”, by CPS parent Peter Wilson

An excerpt reads:

“The School Committee is failing a large part of the students entrusted to them  in the name of politically correct feel-good bromides like fairness and  diversity.” Read more here.

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