September 1st, 2012

Introducing CPS’s new Academic Challenge Program Manager

I’m very happy to report that this week CPS Deputy Superintendent Carolyn Turk introduced the school district’s new Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager.  She is Paula Feynman, who has in recent years worked as a 6th grade science teacher in Sudbury, MA.  She is very skilled in project-based learning and differentiating instruction, in communicating around advanced learning issues, and has train-the-teacher experience as well.

Ms. Feynman also has a nuanced understanding of ability, recognizing that any given student won’t necessarily always fit well into a category of “disabled”, “typical”, or “advanced”, but rather that any student should be appropriately assessed, supported, and challenged as needed, with no student’s needs ignored or neglected.

Ms. Feynman’s official start date at the district office was Monday, August 27th. Dr. Turk reports that she has already been meeting with key curriculum staff and was introduced to the grade 6-12 teachers at their August professional development session (August 29).  Dr. Turk said “Paula is off to a great start and we are fortunate to have her on board.”

I will meet with Ms. Feynman in early September to work on setting up introductory sessions with parents, and to discuss the rolling out of Enriched Learning Plans (ELPs) — a new intervention for middle school students with advanced learning needs.

Ms. Feynman’s new CPS email is:    And the description of her new position — Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager — is here.

– Freedom Baird
CPS parent, CALA coordinator

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