October 18th, 2017

Two Advanced Learning Bills are Before the MA State Legislature


Please contact State Senator Pat Jehlen to express your support for two bills, H.2050 and H.2051, on advanced learning. To reach the senator:

Web form: http://www.patjehlen.org/contact
Email: Patricia.Jehlen@masenate.gov
Phone: 617-722-1578

More details:

As you know, MA doesn’t currently have a state mandate for its schools to provide advanced learning interventions of any kind, and that’s one big reason why we lack these services.

These two bills are up for a vote in the MA state legislature:

H.2050: “An Act providing public school students opportunities to reach their full potential”

H.2051: “An Act to document learning readiness, achievement and growth of public school students”

The city of Cambridge, along with Somerville, Medford, and Winchester, are in MA State Senator Pat Jehlen’s district. Please consider reaching out to Senator Jehlen to express your thoughts on these bills.

Even a simple statement “My name is ___, I’m a constituent in Cambridge, and I strongly urge you to vote for these bills” would go a long way if she hears it from enough people across her legislative district.

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