Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager

In response to work by parent group CALA (Cambridge Advanced Learning Association) and other members of Cambridge’s education community, the Cambridge Public School District created a full-time job position: Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager, and hired Ms. Paula Feynman, who served in this role for five years, from 2012-2017.

As Program Manager, Ms. Feynman developed and oversaw interventions and supports for students with advanced learning needs in grades K-8. CALA and the Cambridge Public Schools define these students as: students who are learning significantly beyond grade level in one or more content areas. A description of the job position is below.

This position is currently open and CPSD human resources is seeking qualified candidates

Description of Program Manager’s Role:

Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager (JK-8)

The Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager will report directly to the Deputy Superintendent or designee.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee JK-8 program that supports the needs of advanced learners in the regular classroom; advocate for unique need of these students.
  • Serve as resource person to the district on differentiating instruction for advanced learners.
  • Provide professional development for teachers and administrators in differentiating curriculum and instruction, meeting the needs of advanced learners, and understanding the social and emotional needs of advanced learners.
  • Work with classroom teachers and instructional coaches to set criteria for the identification of advanced learners who would benefit from additional academic challenge and enrichment.
  • Advise classroom teachers and others on successfully designing and implementing individual plans developed through the Enriched Learning Protocol (ELP) which may result in strategies such as cluster groupings, curriculum compacting, etc. to further differentiate instruction and develop extension and enrichment opportunities within classrooms.
  • Serve as a resource to principals, curriculum coordinators, classroom teachers, instructional coaches, students, and district administrators in the area of academic challenge/enrichment.
  • Seek out and coordinate implementation of current research and best practices in the area of academic challenge and enrichment.
  • Facilitate and communicate current resources and best practices related to academic challenge and enrichment programs and activities to schools, teachers, and families. Coordinate periodic family workshops and meetings, including guest speakers. Help families connect to resources and community to support advanced student learners. Serve as a contact person for families and as a liaison between families, schools, and curriculum areas.
  • Seek out and write grants and pursue additional sources of funding.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.