Academic Challenge Plan

The Cambridge Public School middle grades’ Academic Challenge Plan, and Appendices which describes how the Academic Challenge Policy will be implemented, includes this section about addressing students’ advanced learning needs in the middle grades:

Learners 2+ Years Above Grade Level

We acknowledge that even with a more rigorous experience, some students may present learning profiles that necessitate a diffferent approach. These students, who are typically two or more full grade levels ahead in a content area and are seeking a different experience, will be invited to participate in a process called the ‘Subject Acceleration Protocol’ [now known as the Enriched Learning Plan]. This protocol, adapted from the Public Schools of Brookline, includes an evaluation that uses quantitative and qualitative evidence to assess a student’s progress in a number of areas. The Subject Acceleration Protocol [Enriched Learning Plan] is included in the appendices.

In such cases, a school-based team composted of teachers and administrators will conduct a formal evaluation, and write an individual plan that articulates the most developmentally appropriate way in which to provide additional challenge to the student. Once mutually agreed upon, parents/guardians sign off on the plan and it is implemented.

Currently, as the result of successful plans written through this protocol, students are participating in a variety of experiences designed to meet their academic, intellectual and social needs. Some students are in a cluster group studying math together at the high school.  Some students continue to take math with their grade level classmates to support identified social goals as they take on-line math courses to support their advanced math goals. The idea is to provide academic challenge to students presenting this unique profile.”

The complete Academic Challenge Plan and Appendices are here.  Please note this is a draft version. This draft will be revised to align with the middle grades’ Academic Challenge Policy.