Grade-skipping, also known as “double promotion”, is a no-cost intervention for some students who have advanced learning needs across multiple content areas.

Although grade-skipping is used infrequently in the Cambridge Public Schools, it is available as an option, when the student, teacher, parent, and school principal agree that it’s the best academic, social and emotional solution for a student.

Here are some notes about grade skipping from the CPS administration:

  • Roughly five students per year throughout the district skip a grade
  • If a student is to skip a grade in their own school, and has approval from the school principal, then the skippng is done automatically, regardless of whether or not the school has a waiting list
  • If the classroom the student is skipping into already has 22 students, then an override is issued, and the classroom goes to 23 students
  • If a student is to skip a grade and transfer to a different school at the same time, then they will have to go through the usual process of transferring schools

For more information about grade-skipping, please contact CPS’s Academic Challenge Program Manager:

Paula Feynman, Academic Challenge and Enrichment Support Program Manager
Phone: 617-349-6427