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Recent Comments


    CALA Goals

    The long-term goals of the Cambridge Advanced Learning Association are:

    • To support advanced learners in every Cambridge Public School in grades k-12
    • To help advanced learners from disadvantaged families keep pace with their advantaged peers
    • To provide support and resources for students who are twice-exceptional
    • To support students advanced in non-academic subjects like music or art
    • To provide resources, advocacy, and community to parents of advanced learners
    • To provide support and resources to teachers and specialists
    • To contribute to a district-wide culture of academic achievement
    • To combat stigma, harmful speech, and bullying against advanced learners in the Cambridge community
    • To work with the school administration to create effective policies and programming for advanced learners
    • To support state advocates working to create state laws mandating programs for advanced learners
    • To grow our parent group into an official Parent Advisory Council

    CALA’s mission is outlined on the home page, and you can learn more about CALA here. Please let us know if you’d like to join our parents-only online discussion group. Also, we welcome your feedback, thoughts, corrections, and additions to the website. Our parent community wants the formation of CALA to be a collaborative, constructive process, and to do no harm, so your input is welcome.