Parents’ Rights

This excerpt details the rights of parents of students in need of advanced learning. It’s from Teaching the Gifted in an Inclusion Classroom: Activities That Work by Rosemary Callard-Szulgit:

You are your child’s #1 advocate! Your rights as a parent of a gifted child are the same as those of all other parents.

  • You have the right to be your child’s #1 advocate
  • You have the right to a fair and equitable education for your child
  • You have the right to know when local standardized tests are being given and see sample tests with questions and answers
  • You have the right to join your local and state PTA and advocate for the understanding, training, and support of gifted children with programming for the gifted
  • As a member of your school and district PTA, you have the right to expect those organizations to schedule speakers who are experts in the field of gifted education
  • You have the right to know all of your child’s test scores and what they mean
  • You have the right to attend parent workshops where differentiated curricula, and classrooms with compacted curricula are explained to you
  • You have the right to expect your child’s teacher to love, respect, and educate your child with the same amount of time and dedication she or he gives to all the other children in the classroom.
  • You have the right to feel comfortable and supported by the educational system as a parent and advocate for your child, gifted children, and all children.